Confidence (explained)

Knowing oneself is important. Not only is it not fostered or considered as an important topic in general society, it is one that undermine’s your success from your poor attempts.

Many choose to convey a “false sense of self”- unconsciously, for this i call: compulsive-reaction-for-the-need-of-self-gratification. Not only does this delay the self-knowing process, it stroke’s the ego and can do some unseen damage to one’s soul journey.

Step’s to healthy confidence:

  1. Knowledge of Thyself. To know you is to be you; to be you is to be free. Study yourself; behaviour’s, Psychological and Emotional pattern’s and tendencies- befriend you, before distraction’s stopped you.
  2. Trust. Trust now, present and moment. Tiny miniscule “leap’s of faith”, throughout your day, will implace a belief/notion of being present in Now.
  3. Art. Appreciate art, as it can assist in self-exploration and learning of the self in way’s such as: thought pattern’s, processes, analytical skill’s and creativity. Release feel-good hormone’s as you learn about You.
  4. Feminity. Though a highly contraversial topic; feminity in essense is truly beautiful, empowering and peaceful. Absorb this soft, gentle nature of feminity to whisk you softly along your journey of life and self-knowing.

Simple yet basic step’s to assist you in self-knowing and confidence.


Tu  Free


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