Australian born, Chinese-Vietnamese, lady; raised in a tiny state called Melbourne. From a background of Vietnamese immigrant’s, she faced crossroad’s of an identity crises, between a rich Asian culture and life as a young Australian girl. 

Amidst the drama, chaos and challenges of growing up, she struggled to find her inner essense among the majority of others. Self doubt, dissapointment and shame of who she really was, had disempowered her ability to express, explore and ground her gift’s and abilities. 

Time went, day’s drifted and years clocked by. It was only a matter of moments till she had to face the maker within. “The only way out, was within”.

To be continued…

“..Tu Free has a remarkable ability to cut through to the core of what has been laying dormant within myself and expose the big picture larger perspective of myself and my place in not just my friends,family,regional earth circle, but the global alignment to the self..”

M.H – USA – Feedback Form

“..I just drove home in deep deep contemplation over the incredible & insightful things you said over the last 18hrs – you’ve already shown me how strong your healing powers really are Tu Nhi.. “

J.Z – Australia – Mobile